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Unity Three Publications publishes books which help motivate individuals to fully embrace emotional and spiritual healing resulting in the total restoration of family, church and marketplace relationships.

Established January 2006

Unity Three Publications-How to Write and Self Publish Your Book

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Greetings from Unity Three Publications! This online course is for aspiring authors who are ready to start on their publishing journey.

About this Event

Greetings from Unity Three Publications!

This online course is for aspiring authors who are ready to start on their publishing journey, also for those who may have begun writing their book this year and not quite sure about the next step.

In this 3 hour course for unpublished authors, you will learn vital keys on how to self publish your book from start to finish.

If you desire to become a published author, make an investment in your future and sign up today.

This online course will be taught by Arnita L. Fields. A (PDF) of the course syllabus and outline will be provided to all registered participants. Course link will be emailed 3 days prior to event.

Wisdom Keys Book Series

Unity Three Publications presents……Wisdom Keys Book Series. Look for book #4 Spiritual Trauma (Fall) 2017.

Book Synopsis

Are you still seeking peace in your journey as a Christian?

Do you desire for God to use you in a greater capacity, yet you still are bound by secret pain you’ve experienced from a past spiritual trauma?

Have you found you have not been able to move forwardin your relationship with God because something from the past is holding you back?

Spiritual Trauma: Wisdom Keys to Help You Emotionally Heal after a Spiritual Crisis is written to help encourage as well as challenge the heart of people who have experienced spiritual trauma at various stages of their walk with Christ, and are struggling with emotional pain.

In this book, readers will find biblical illustrations along with a section for answering personal reflection questions to help assist them in finally obtaining the emotional healing that Christ has already paid the price for.


Upcoming Book Release

This compact yet insightful reflection journal filled with twenty-two wisdom keys was born out of the need to share with current and up and coming educators who see their current role as Substitute Teachers; a divine assignment from God.

The purpose of this reflection journal is to encourage Substitute Teachers who may have previously missed the mark and need another opportunity to refocus.

May Substitute Teachers across the globe receive the strength they need to move forward and execute in a spirit of excellence the Father’s plan for their lives as they service the needs of students, parents and administrators within their local communities.

The Ebook version will be available for Pre-Order purchase on Amazon beginning Wednesday October  19, 2016.  Print versions of the book will be available for purchase November 16, 2016 the (Official Release Date) by visiting, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other online retailers.


Arnita L. Fields

Unity Three Publications